Join us for "Coffee with a Cop"

 Do you have time for coffee? Great, because we need to talk about us.   
Normally, that sentence is followed by another sentence that includes the statement: "It's not you, it's me." But the good news in this scenario is that it's both you and me.
Have you ever wanted to get wildly caffeinated and talk to a Cop like you haven't seen another human in three decades? Boy, do we have an opportunity for you, because this your chance to turn the tables and ask us the questions.

The Evans Police Department will host Coffee with a Cop on Saturday, March 4th from 9:30-11:30am at the Evans Community Complex | Banquet Room. We'll provide the coffee and a healthy 478,000 calories of deep-fried cake with 436 pounds of sugar dripped on it (donuts ). It's your job to provide the healthy discussion. You can ask sophisticated questions about Policing that adults want to know, such as:

• Do all Cops like donuts?
• Can you turn the sirens on for me?
• Can I wear your badge?
• Is it fun to pull people over?
• Will you tase me for fun?

Our Police are pretty awesome and they can control their caffeine, so they'll (hopefully) say no to most of those questions. But you can let your hair down in a safe environment and get to know the people behind the badge. And if they do say yes to one of those questions, it's definitely you and not me, because you've had one too many to drink...

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